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Advantages of Interactive Play

Kraftsman-Advantages of Interactive Play

Interactive Play is where the physical world of playing and the digital world of gaming come together.


Yalp (Play spelled backwards) is a world-wide developer and distributor of interactive outdoor play equipment and devices based in The Netherlands. The company was created over 15 years ago by Ben and Irmgard Admiral and has since grown immensely. Interactive PlayTheir current products include the Sutu Football wall, the Sona Play arch, the Fono DJ booth, the Memo Activity zone (pictured above) and the Toro Sports court. All of these products bring the technological and digital aspect of gaming into the physical play world for all ages to enjoy.

The Sutu Football wall (pictured right) is an interactive wall that encourages physical activity and social interactions. This wall allows for international competition and worldwide engagement through the Yalp Sutu App, which tracks players scores, allows for game selection and more.

The Sona Play arch (pictured at the bottom) is an interactive Play and Dance Arch with audio-guided games that are played in motion and monitored through a motion detection camera on the arch. The games, updates, settings and usage can all be controlled with the My Yalp online tool. All the games are simple to understand and encourage free play amongst the users.

The Fono DJ booth (pictured below) allows teenagers to play, mix and share music from their smartphones while Interactive Playcreating a positive environment for young people to meet and socialize. Fono was designed specifically to encourage teenagers and young adults to go outside and have fun with friends.

The Memo Activity zone was designed to give users of all ages plenty of physical activity while adding an educative element. Memo ‘s games range from active and sporty games to math and memory games, which all provide challenges and fun to its users.

The Toro Sports court is an interactive multi-purpose field that consists of four goals that are connected and controlled through a central game console. Toro combines elements from popular outdoor team sports to create an entirely new and interactive challenge for users of all ages.


Each interactive play product was designed to be inclusive for users of all ages and ability levels. The vision is to allow everyone regardless of age, gender or physical/mental ability to have the opportunity to enjoy and explore the areas and games. The games are easy to understand and complete and they provide a place for social interactions for users of all ages and backgrounds. There are no barriers when it comes to these products, providing the ultimate inclusive, fun space for all.


Bringing the physical world of playing and the digital world of gaming together provides unique benefits that cannot be found through any other Playground or video game. These systems combined physical exercise, social interactions and the outdoors with challenging and educational games. Interactive play helps users of all ages improve their teamwork and problem-solving skills in fun and exciting ways. Interactive play is the best of both worlds!

For more information about Advantages of Smart Parks and Interactive Play Visit Chapter 2 of UCLA Luskin Center’s SMART Parks Toolkit:

Kraftsman - The Fun Builders!

Kraftsman - The Fun Builders!