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Introducing Lappset’s Halo and Flora Playgrounds

Kraftsman is incredibly proud to now offer our customers two exciting playground lines manufactured by Lappset, the Flora and Halo lines.

Lappset has been in business for 50 years. In 1970, Antero Ikäheimo noticed that there were no playgrounds for children, and, therefore, he founded a family-run business that manufactures playground equipment. Today, Lappset is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of playground and outdoor sport equipment as well as themed attractions. Lappset is extremely proud of the contribution they are making to promoting the well-being of people of all ages. Everywhere in the world, children play if given the chance. A safe and inspiring playground supports learning and a child’s holistic development. It feeds creativity, strengthens the ability to concentrate, and develops social skills and motor functions. Lappset’s basic philosophy is to provide children and their parents with a chance to play and exercise together. Lappset, along with Kraftsman, strive to continue to help you create experiences and areas that let your imagination run free and that the whole family can enjoy together!

Inspired by nature, the Flora playgrounds blend harmoniously with their surroundings and are at their best in a parklike environment. The organic forms from nature are visible in the softly undulating roofs and lines of the equipment. The dark-stained tight-grain pine lends the playground a mystical atmosphere similar to one you would find in the Northern forests. Flora offers options for playing and exercising for the whole family. Installation of the products, replacement of spare parts and maintenance have been made as easy as possible. At the same time, Flora is an environmentally friendly choice.

The design-award winning Halo is a delight to the eyes of both children and adults. High-quality materials such as pine, steel, laminates and special plastics are durable, and Scandinavian design brings a flare of modern elegance to the world of play. Halo is suited for the urban play environment and consists of gracefully matching modules. The design has considered the lighting of the structures around the clock.

Halo Cubic gives you a multitude of possibilities for building a variety of entities and also extending the playground upwards. Halo Diamond is an exciting new option that will transfer play to a completely new level.

To contact us to learn more about Lappset and having it installed in your play area, you can call us at 800-451-4869 or visit

Kraftsman - The Fun Builders!

Kraftsman - The Fun Builders!