We have designed outdoor skate parks to encourage physical well-being, such as cardio and muscular development, as well as, to promote building friendships and relationships with others in the community. We provide commercial outdoor skate parks for the adrenaline seekers to challenge themselves to new obstacles and for the spectators to watch from nearby shaded areas.

Skate Park Fredericksburg, Texas - by Kraftsman

Skate Park Fredericksburg, Texas

Provided design, equipment and installation of a skate park and shade units for Fredericksburg’s Parks & Recreation Department. This skate park is located at the Old Fair Park and was designed to bring kids and adults to the park to enjoy a free outdoor concrete riding surfaces and relax in the nearby shade areas.

Spring Skate Park by Kraftsman

Spring Skate Park

Provided design assistance, equipment and installation of a unique outdoor skate park with shade units around the facility. The skate park was designed to provide diverse fixtures, ramps and obstacles to challenge skaters of all ages and skill levels. Having plenty of areas for spectators to relax and being the largest free skate park in the United States it is sure to bring the community together.

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