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Why Are Splash Pads the No. 1 Requested Amenity?

Splash Pads Requested Amenity

Splash pads are a fun, innovative way to make the most of an unused space. With the appeal of a water park at a fraction of the cost of the average swimming pool, they are becoming increasingly popular among communities that want to provide a fun and safe water play experience for their residents. Below we discuss several reasons why splash pads should be considered for any community:

Encourage Interaction

With a splash pad, you can offer your guests an aquatic play environment that facilitates interaction. Kids can blast water cannons, play games and wait in anticipation of the bucket above pouring water onto them. Splash pads also promote social skills, communication, and cooperation among children of different ages and abilities.

Offer Versatility & Intergenerational Play

Multiple spray zones make splash pads versatile, so they appeal to every age group. You can customize your splash pad with different themes, colors, and features to suit your community’s preferences and needs. Toddler areas with water features that softly shoot up from the ground can be incorporated for the smaller children, while areas with dump buckets and slides will appeal to older children and teens. Splash pads can also be used for various events and activities, such as birthday parties and special events that all ages will enjoy.

Provide Inclusivity

A well-designed splash pad offers an inclusive environment for all abilities, so every kid can join in the fun. Splash pads do not have any barriers or steps that might prevent people with disabilities or mobility issues from entering or exiting the water play area. They also allow parents and caregivers to easily supervise and interact with their children without getting wet themselves.

Enhance Safety

Splash pads are much safer than swimming pools because they have no standing water, which means there is little risk of drowning. They also have non-slip surfaces that prevent slips and falls. Moreover, splash pads do not require lifeguards or other supervision, which reduces the operational costs and liabilities for the community.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Splash pads enhance the aesthetic and environmental value of their public spaces. They can be designed to fit the theme and style of the surrounding area, adding color, texture, and movement. You can also add rocks and boulders, lighting, shade structures, tables, benches and more to add fun and beauty to your outdoor space.

Promote Physical Activity

One of the main reasons communities install splash pads is to promote physical activity and social interaction. Splash pads encourage people to get out of their homes and engage in playful and healthy behaviors. They also foster a sense of community and belonging, as people of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities can interact and have fun together.

Kraftsman has the expertise you need in order to create a fun, and most importantly, safe, splash pad for your community. With over 700 splash pads completed, we are with you through the planning, design, installation, safety inspection, and staff training phases. From simple service to extensive repairs, Kraftsman is also available to service your equipment when it’s time for maintenance. Contact us today at 800-451-4869 or visit to get started on the hottest amenity community members are requesting!

Kraftsman - The Fun Builders!

Kraftsman - The Fun Builders!