Shade Covers

Green Shade Covers for baseball stadium seating by Kraftsman

Shade Covers

Staying protected just got a whole lot cooler. We provide our customers with standard and custom shade structures for nearly every outdoor location — from playgrounds and parks to zoos and car washes. Our shade line delivers creative solutions and unique designs while providing protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Red and blue shade covers for Zinnia Splash park by Kraftsman

Zinnia Splashpark

The Architect wanted to give the appearance of waves crashing into the beach. This was created by over 700 nozzles in swooping curves that created wave like rows of water ending up with 5 Geyserino jets to create the splash and foam appearance of the wave crashing on the beach. A perimeter trench drain was utilized to drain those waves off without impacting the spray effect from the nozzles. Tilt and spin umbrellas were added around the perimeter and other areas of the park as well.

Shade shelter for outdoor fitness equipment at Clear Lake Park by Kraftsman

Clear Lake Park

Provided design, equipment and installation of a new and unique outdoor fitness gym for Harris County Parks Depart. To create an outdoor exercise area that is open to the public. The equipment is design for teen thru seniors age group, and provides the opportunity for complete physical fitness and body building in an outdoor environment without a cost for membership.