Park Amenities

Woman sitting at a park table installed by Kraftsman

Park Furniture

Parks aren’t just for climbing and swinging. They can be wonderful places to rest, relax and enjoy the great outdoors in peace. Whether it’s a bench for reading or a table for picnicking, Kraftsman provides all the essential park furniture to complete your outdoor space. Each of our park amenities come in array of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, including: stone, wood, vinyl, plastic, laminates, aluminum, perforated metal and polished steel.

Commercial outdoor furniture installed by Kraftsman in the City of Port Arthur People's Park

People's Park

The City of Port Arthur worked with, The LaBiche Architectural Group, Inc., to renovate the People’s park area as part of the downtown revitalization project. This park is heavily used in multiple downtown festivals, including the annual Mardi Gras celebration. A total of three different areas were developed to create seating and congregating areas in the park.