Memorial Park

Louise Hays

The City of Kerrville was looking for an aquatic amenity for the park that also created an aesthetic draw for people to come enjoy the park in the evening. The Flood plain of the Guadalupe River did pose some design issues to overcome. The Fountain consists of 36 LED lighted fountain jets that spray approximately 4-6’ high. The Fountain changes colors with the holiday seasons at the touch of a button by the parks staff. Multiple shade Umbrellas and picnic tables were installed around the outside on the colored concrete plaza.

Sawmill Splash Park

Zinnia Splash Park

The Architect wanted to give the appearance of waves crashing into the beach. This was created by over 700 nozzles in swooping curves that created wave like rows of water ending up with 5 Geyserino jets to create the splash and foam appearance of the wave crashing on the beach. A perimeter trench drain was utilized to drain those waves off without impacting the spray effect from the nozzles. Tilt and spin umbrellas were added around the perimeter and other areas of the park as well.

Parr Park

Security Bank Fountain

The City of Midland and the Rock Hounds Baseball team wanted to provide a water play area at the ballpark for patrons to cool off in the Texas heat. 10 Fountain in a Can features with LED Lights were placed in a circular SplashPark to create the pattern of a baseball. These jets typically spray approximately 4-6’ in height unless the staff selects the “Fireworks Show” when the jets then reach heights up to 40’ for visual impact in the stadium.