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Upgrade Your Playground by Theming It

As playgrounds evolve and the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology and constant stimulation, the expectations that come from kids and their parents regarding their local and community playgrounds intensifies. We have found now that playgrounds are competing against screens, and losing, unless you’re able to create a truly memorable experience through your park. One of the biggest influences of park attendance is the appeal of the playgrounds and play areas available, as well as the physical and mental stimulation’s it creates. Parks experience higher usage when they appear enticing and inviting while providing multiple physical challenges for kids to test their abilities. One of the most successful ways to create this type of playground is to theme it to the area it resides in.

Themed playgrounds are raging in popularity across the United States. Not only do they draw kids and families to playgrounds by sparking their imagination, but it creates landmarks in communities by celebrating the history of the area. Themed playgrounds are also beneficial in increasing imaginative play within kids, creating a feeling in which they can replicate each visit with different and unique imaginative scenarios.

The possibilities of themes for your park are as endless as your imagination. Let your inner child run wild dreaming up a space ship, as we created for the NASA Gilruth Center, an old western town, as we are currently doing in Pleasanton River Park, a surfside community beach oasis as we have done with the SplashPark at Stella Mare RV Park, and so much more.

A themed playground we recently completed, Fort Anahuac Park in Anahuac, Texas, celebrates the area’s natural, coastal resources by mimicking a marshland with themed marsh wild life. Different areas of the playground appeal to various age ranges from 6 months to 12 years and all physical abilities. The playground structure itself entices kids with its vibrant greens and rich mocha colors and includes elements which mimic cattails, fish, tree stumps for climbing, frog mouths to climb through, and more. The area is well known for its coastal recreation, especially fishing. The park area hosts an annual festival known as “Gatorfest” which inspired the 13-foot-long life-like gator sculpture that resides next to the playground structure.  The gator structure is meant for climbing, which has drawn huge crowds from the community on a regular basis. Kids love being able to wrestle the beast and crawl through the marsh, creating an atmosphere they want to visit again and again.

If you’re wanting to give your community a truly next-level park experience and honor your roots, a themed playground is an excellent way to achieve your goal. Call Kraftsman at 800-451-4869 and one of our expert Krew members will be more than happy to bring your themed park to life!

Kraftsman - The Fun Builders!

Kraftsman - The Fun Builders!